Plus-Size Models Aren’t a Fad

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Posted on February 27 2020

Plus-Size Models Aren’t a Fad

It feels like we’re regressing. This thought about the state of plus-size representation at New York Fashion Week this season—well, the lack thereof—lived in my head for more than a few days before I finally said it out loud. Once I did, I couldn’t stop talking about it.

As someone who has been in the plus-size fashion industry for nearly a decade, in roles from blogger to editor to brand consultant, I’ve seen a marked improvement in plus-size representation in the fashion industry as a whole over the past few years. But frankly, when the bar is set so low that it’s basically on the ground, it’s not that hard to step over. The first NYFW show I ever attended, back in September of 2013, was also the first time a plus-size line was ever shown as part of the official fashion week schedule. With that six-piece Cabiria collection by designer Eden Miller, plus fashion week representation officially began.

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